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1. | Dec 19, 2013
Dan Savage, the brilliant advcie columnist of Savage Love fame, is on your side on this:> A confession: I've looked through my boyfriend's e-mail; I assume he's looked> through mine. I've scrolled through his text messages; I assume he's scrolled> through mine. Expecting your partner not to snoop is like expecting your partner> not to fart or fantasize about other people. It's a nice thought, JB, but knowing> what we know about human nature—and knowing that we ourselves snoop, fart,> and fantasize about other people—it's a little unrealistic.>> And I'm sorry, but when someone goes snooping and discovers that their partner is> doing sex work—or is secretly gay or is sleeping with or visiting lesbian-bondage-> themed nightclubs with Michael Steele—then the snooping is retroactively justified.But this is a rare instance where I completely disagree with him. I guess you're on the fence yourself, since you framed this as a sort of apology/confession.I'm not sure how to justify my stance on this, other than that it just feels wrong.
2. | Dec 14, 2013
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3. | Dec 14, 2013
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4. | Dec 14, 2013
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5. | Dec 13, 2013
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6. | Dec 12, 2013
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7. | Aug 1, 2013
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